The Disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis

In August 2018 Arjen Kamphuis vanished in Bodø, Norway. Being a prominent hacktivist and cybersecurity expert, many theories emerged following his disappearance. Curiosities that fueled speculation: – The headquarters of the Norwegian army, including a cyber defence unit, are located near Bodø. Given Kamphuis’ interests this cannot be a coincidence. – His kayak and some […]

Latent Violence

A series of 12 paintings about violence, 6 portraits of people who have been involved in violence, and 6 paintings of violent scenes. The paintings present violence neutrally, without a moral judgment. The neutral presentation, combined with the inherent beauty of painting, offers the viewer an unusual opportunity to judge violence anew. The people shown […]


Our own body is so close to us that we ceased to see it for what it is: an autonomous, highly efficient, organic apparatus. We think we are the body, but actually the body contains us. Never became this more apparent to me than the day I attended an autopsy of a murdered woman. As […]


Paintings not related to a project.